Best printing company around. Fast service, attention to detail, and unbeatable prices- what more can you ask for?! I've worked with Ron for years and picking up the phone to call him is practically second nature for me. Whether you own a large company with hundreds of employees, a small mom-and-pop shop, or even a sole proprietor, RLS Printing is the company for you!


Beautiful business cards! Ron always takes it to a higher level. He will provide a quality business card that feel and look superior to what is available online. He's also a master at direct mail. So happy I chose him


Great product, highly knowledgeable and ethical, and unbeatable turnaround times.   Marco


We are proud to have so many #Google 5 star reviews.  Reviews are not the focus of our business,  "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" is.

Ron does a great job with anything printing. Whether it's business cards, brochures or business forms, Ron can do it all. And his prices are very competitive with anyone in town.


Ron offers a wide variety of printing needs with prompt, creative service. Ask Ron how to promote your business for maximum exposure.


I am a graphic designer. This is one locally owned business I love sending my clients to because I know my clients will be well taken care of. All printing jobs are not created equally, the colors maybe too yellow or dark, especially when it comes to digital printing. However; Ron always provides high-quality printing. He hand-delivers orders, he ensures the artwork meets the specs of the job, he has incredible pricing. If you are looking for quality, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service, then check out Ron Shotts, and RLS Printing and Marketing.
                 Jody Liller with Liller Designworks, LLC

I was referred to Ron Shotts and placed a large order of invitations and envelopes. I received the order rather quickly but most importantly, the quality of the items far exceeded my expectations. He even had the logo added to the back of the envelopes. I was nervous submitting the order thinking it was going to cost more than I could pay. I was pleasantly surprised that the price was super affordable. Looking forward to doing more business with RLS Printing and Marketing. Thank you, Ron Shotts!  


I often associate very low prices with low quality .. but Ron has managed to combine Quality, Service AND Price. I ROUTINELY buy 1,000 glossy business cards from him for LESS THAN half of what I used to pay a local printing company. He also handles all my business forms and even suggested a way for me to save even more on them without having to order in larger quantities. I have known Ron for close to 4 years, have been dealing with him just as long and myself and EVERYONE I know that contacts him for their printing needs are equally impressed. The difference? He is a PRINT BROKER .. he knows people that specialize in every facet of the printing business and passes along the price reductions to us, his end users. Need cards? Forms? Mailers for your EDDM? You are throwing away money if you have not contacted Ron.


CALL US:  520-548-8002

Ron offers top quality materials and printing,. The paper quality he provided for our stationery is quite distinctive and the print is vibrant. Such a pleasure to do business with a top quality professional!

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