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Here are some tips for creating compelling brochures that turn readers into results:

Don't Write About Your Company

While it is tempting to write paragraph after paragraph about your company and the achievements you have received, nobody wants to read about that when they are considering you for business. If you must include company information, keep it simple, short and concise. Don't include all 20 awards your company has received, include only the information that might sway the customer to choose you over the competition. Mentioning a few awards is fine, but keep it simple. Do not give corporate overviews and mission's statements that are more than a few sentences. Your brochure should include the services you provide and why your business is superior to your competition; however, it should be readable and pleasing to the eye.

Don't Forget the Call to Action

Make sure your brochure has information that is clear and concise and, most importantly, include a Call To Action. A Call To Action could range from a contact phone number with an urge to call with questions or to receive a quote. A Call To Action could be to visit your website for a free download. A Call To Action could be any form to measure who is interested in your business and wants to know more about what services you offer. Without a Call To Action, your reader will probably just toss your brochure without thinking twice. If you have compelling content and a Call To Action, you are more likely to receive results.

Brochures explain things to the world in a clean, concise and contextual manner.  With #RLS Printing and Marketing, you can choose from a variety of brochure printing options including quantity and eco-friendly printing.

Brochures are the perfect way to send out information to current and potential customers and clients. Brochures allow people to learn a little bit about your company without having to read endless biographies and corporate overviews.


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